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Fishfinders from brand names.
Garmin Fishfinders:
Fishfinders from Garmin.
Garmin Fishfinder 120
Garmin Fishfinder 240
Garmin Fishfinder 250
Garmin Fishfinder 80
Garmin Fishfinder 250c
Garmin Fishfinder 320c
Humminbird Fishfinders:
Fishfinder 525
Fishfinder 535
Fishfinder Matrix 27
Fishfinder PIRANHA MAX 20
Fishfinder Matrix 12
Fishfinder Matrix 17
Fishfinder PIRANHA MAX 10
Fishfinder PIRANHA MAX 10pt
Fishfinder PIRANHA MAX 15
Fishfinder Smart Cast RF25
Fishfinder Smart Cast RF35
Fishfinder Smart Cast RF15
Lowrance Fishfinders:
Fishfinders from Lowrance.
Fishfinder  CUDA 128
Fishfinder  CUDA 168
Fishfinder Eagle Fishmark 320
Fishfinder Eagle Fishmark 480
Fishfinder Eagle Seafinder 320DF
Fishfinder Eagle Seafinder 480DF
Fishfinder Eagle Seafinder 500c DF
Fishfinder FishEasy 240 
Fishfinder FishEasy 320c 
Fishfinder X52
Fishfinder/GPS Cuda 240 s/gps
Fishfinder Trifinder 2
Furuno Fishfinders:
Fishfinder FCV 667
Fishfinder LS 4100TM
Fishfinder LS 4100TH
Fishfinder FCV 667BT
Fishfinder FCV 667TM
Fishfinder FCV 582L
Fishfinder FCV 600L
Fishfinder LS 4100
Fishfinder LS 6100
Raymarine Fishfinders:
Fishfinders from RAYMARINE.
Fishfinder C 70
Fishfinder C 80
Fishfinder DS400x TH
Fishfinder DS400x TM
Fishfinder DS500x TM
Fishfinder DS600x
Navman Fishfinders:
Fishfinders from Navman.
Fishfinder FISH 4100sx
Fishfinder FISH 4150sx
Fishfinder FISH 4200sx
Fishfinder FISH 4350
Fishfinder FISH 4380
Fishfinder FISH 4500
Other Fishfinders:
Fishfinders from different brands.
Fishfinder Norcross HawkEye DF2200PX

Fishfinder Norcross HawkEye FF3355P
Northstar 491 Fishfinder
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Fishfinders from Humminbird
Fishfinder 565
Fishfinder 585c
Fishfinder Matrix 37
Fishfinder ProFish 2
Fishfinder ProFish 3
Fishfinder Interphase PC/VIEW
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Eagle Fishfinders:
GPS Map 178
GPS Map 178C
GPS Map 198C
FishMark® 500C 
FishElite® 500C
FishElite® 642C iGPS 
FishElite® 480 
Fisheasy 245 DS 
Fisheasy 250 DS 
FishElite® 502C iGPS 
Fishmark 640 C 
Fishfinder X96
Fishfinder X59DF
M56 S/Map
Fishfinder X125
Fishfinder X126 DF
Fishfinder X135
M68C S/Map IceMachine™
Fishfinder X102C
Fishfinder LMS-332C
Fishfinder X107C
Fishfinder LMS-337C DF
Fishfinder LCX-25C
SmartCast RF20
MATRIX 97 (combo)
Fishfinder 937c
Fishfinder 595c
Fishfinder 947c
Fishfinder 981c
Fishfinder 987c SI 
Fishfinder 931c